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Wyrm Gold

Old Stan told the boys the job was simple. Break in, steal the mysterious stone mask, get well paid for their troubles. 

Instead, Arran and Joney find themselves wrapped up in a rip-roaring adventure filled with witches, curses, assassins, crimelords, wyrms, and the most dangerous creature in Wormwell - an ice girl with serious anger issues. Will they make it out alive?

Join Arran and Joney in Book 2 of the Wyrm Trilogy.

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Praise for 

Wyrm Gold

"I love the way you get drawn in to the story, would recommend it to children, young adults and adults alike, it's a perfect story for parents to read with their children"

- T.J. Harris, 

Amazon Reviewer

"Richard Middleton is a superb storyteller for all age groups. Treat your children and read it to them out loud, tell your adult friends to buy it for themselves... Highly recommended by a discerning book-lover"


Amazon Reviewer

"...action-packed enough to be accessible to early teens, but is profound enough to be thought-provoking for adults. Well worth a read!"

-Mr. V. J. Cole,

Amazon Reviewer

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