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Wyrm Conspiracy

Powerful people in the town want the dreaded Wyrm King to return, more than a thousand years after he was banished. Now, only Emily and Sam stand between these terrible forces and the destruction of Wormwell and the people they love.

What can two teenagers do against such evil? Join them on an adventure that will take every last measure of their courage, invention and determination.

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Praise for 

The Wyrm Conspiracy

"It would suit teenagers and adults alike as it is engrossing, captivating and dramatic enough to hold the interest of these age ranges. I am looking forward to reading the next book."

- Frances Palmer,

Amazon Review

"beautifully written with both evocative scenes you can see in your mind's eye and deftly described characters"

- Amazon Customer

 "this is a kids book, but don't let that put you off...Overall a very enjoyable read, well worth purchasing. I will be buying the second one."

- D. A. Webster,

Amazon Review

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