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Little Hoglet's Christmas

An enchanting tale for Christmas. Little Hoglet is woken from his winter sleep by a mysterious sound, and sets off to find it. 


Little Hoglet's search leads him deeper and deeper into the snowy forest, and further and further away from his warm nest!


Follow Little Hoglet's journey to find the sound, make lots of new friends, and discover an unexpected and very cozy new bed.

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Praise for 

Little Hoglet's Christmas

"We try and read a Christmas-themed story each night in December, and this should remain as part of our collection next year... I was quite taken with this, it's rather lovely."

- K. J. Noyes,

Top 500 Amazon Reviewer

"This is another amazing story from the pen on Richard Middleton. My 2 year old son and 5 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed meeting the various animals... The illustrations are absolutely beautiful."


Amazon Reviewer

"Our little boy loved this enchanting Christmas tale, beautiful illustrations and it's now a new bed time favourite"

- Tony P.,

Amazon Reviewer

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