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Little Hoglet's

Egg Race

Everyone is too busy to play with Little Hoglet. But soon the baby hedgehog is in a race with some very unexpected runners...EGGS WITH LEGS!

A delightful tale for Easter and springtime, with beautiful illustrations of birds and their chicks. A perfect baby animal story for parents and young readers aged 3 and up.

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Praise for 

Little Hoglet's Egg Race

"...a delightful and enchanting Spring story for Little Ones. Little Hoglet is an endearing character and his bird and butterfly friends are beautifully depicted."

Ex Teacher,

Amazon Reviewer

"It's fun for both my 2 and a half year old to be read and also my 5 year old who can read it aloud himself. Encompassing a touch of road safety (of which reminders are always helpful!) and humour with the eggs with legs throughout the story. Unusual animal illustrations complete a cute book."


Amazon Reviewer

"The language is perfect for younger readers, and the story builds to a conclusion that will warm the heart and keep you wanting more from the next one."

- Tim Harrington,

Amazon Reviewer

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